Water & sanitation

Water & sanitation

Growing populations and climate change are putting pressure on water resources. Bureau Veritas supports utility providers to effectively manage and deliver cost-efficient, safe water to consumers.



Demographic changes are causing governments around the world to seek innovative solutions to meet increased water demands. They face more and more pressure to supply larger quantities of water for agriculture and industry, while many existing water delivery infrastructures are ageing and in need of maintenance. Private companies must manage maintenance efforts and find cost-effective ways to supply water to consumers.  Meanwhile, emerging economies need to build a whole new water infrastructure to serve their burgeoning populations. Governments and businesses alike must ensure delivery to consumers while making a profit.


Our CAPEX and OPEX services help clients develop new infrastructure, while assessing risk and extending the life of existing assets.

  • OPEX for water infrastructure
    Aging infrastructure and pressure on water supply make maintenance a big issue. We help by providing operational support—such as mandatory inspection and maintenance, outage support, and non-destructive testing—for your existing assets. Aiming to improve their cost, performance, and reliability, we provide asset management support. This includes condition monitoring, risk assessment, and performance optimization—to extend assets’ operating life. 
  • Due diligence for acquisitions 
    Water privatization remains a critical policy element in many countries, but purchasers often do not fully know the condition of the assets they’re buying. To reduce this investment risk, we provide Technical Due Diligence services in situations where water utilities are privatized. This enables the private companies to assess the condition of the assets ahead of purchase. 
  • CAPEX for projects
    We support you across all stages of your water and sanitation projects, from feasibility to design, and on through to procurement, construction, and operation. Our goal: to reduce risk, prioritize HSSE, and gain access to a global but reliable supply chain. Our range of services includes environmental impact assessment, design review, QA/QC, site inspection, personnel qualification, and asset integrity management. 


The ISO 55001 Asset Management standard helps you maximize return on investment in your assets, from grid infrastructure to intellectual property. As an accredited body for ISO 55001 certification, we can provide training for your employees and partners.